Why GreySlate ?

Smart Phone App

GreySlate ensures compatibility with the most modern gadgets that rules people’s technological lifestyle. Our smart phone app provides uninterrupted access anywhere at anytime.


The talented professionals over here offer you protection against all the possible threats that a software can encounter.

24*7 support

Team GreySlate is there to offer support 24*7 to help with any problem you encounter or answer any questions you may have about GreySlate.

Guardian details instantly available:

Complete details of guardians and parents are instantly available round the clock in case of emergency.

No unnecessary features

All of GreySlate’s features are useful and valuable with no spurious functionality

Customer centric approach

GreySlate is a product which is constantly being updated based on data driven by our customers and their feedback

Easy Import & Export Data

GreySlate offers successful export and import of the data, which actually helps in creating a totally new user experience to the clients.

Graphical Reports

Get a graphical analysis of student performance, attendance, classes and other important modules with the help of GreySlate.

Data Privacy

We offer every school full privacy to their data as the data is fully encrypted while being stored on cloud

Cutting edge user experience:

GreySlate’s user interface and excellent user experience is the result of extensive research and clever design. The easy to navigate user interface makes GreySlate easily accessible, making it the best choice of many in the sea of software and technologies.